When the School Day Ends, the After-School Programming Begins

Planting seeds, making art, playing chess and singing songs: these are a few of the activities of Cornerstone Prep’s various after-school programs. 

Each week more than115 students participate in enriching after-school programs on the school campus. The Garden Club regularly visits Urban Farms, located on Wills Street, where they have planted seeds in their greenhouse and are continually learning about the processes of growing and harvesting vegetables. In their own garden, located on Carpenter Street, they learn to grow and manage their own food. The choir is currently preparing for their Christmas Show in the Art Garden. The Comic Book Club is where some of our advanced student artists are given the opportunity to work with a local artist, helping the students create and produce a comic book telling the stories of the community and highlighting their favorite things about their neighborhood. 

With the well-established and valuable after-school care already present in Binghampton, our programs seek to be a place where students can participate in specialized activities, and a smaller group of students can learn and participate in a particularly activity they may not have the opportunity to learn otherwise.   

As we prepare for middle school students in the 2014 – 2015 school year, we are developing more exciting after-school programs to meet the interests of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Middle school students will continue to be a part of some existing after-school options, including various art and music programs. The historical after-school options of Lester Middle School will continue and new programs will begin as well.