Educator Spotlight: Deborah O'Neal

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Deborah graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BA in Political Science. She then received her Master’s in Education and her Principal Licensure from Christian Brother’s University. Additionally, she is currently in the second year of her doctoral program with the University of Dayton to receive her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.

Deborah is extremely passionate about the educational inequalities for marginalized people and that is how she knew that teaching was her purpose. She hopes that the students, families, and community members know who CPS is and that they are truly invested in the work that they do for their students. She would love for CPS to be mentioned in conversations about the best schools to attend in the area and that they end the year with the data to show they are the best!

Deborah was recently featured in an interview with Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) about Cornerstone Prep School's partnership with MTR's Memphis Literary Institute initiative. Click here to read the interview.

Outside of work she enjoys reading non-fiction books, karaoke, and traveling. She also enjoys going on random adventures within or outside of Memphis. All of this is made evident in the fact that she has lived and interned at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland for 6 months.  She has also traveled to 14 countries across 4 continents with the hopes of visiting all 7 continents one day - Antarctica included!

Her love for students and the community are an inspiration to all! Let’s all congratulate Deborah for her dedication to students in the community and for being the Educator Spotlight of the Week!