Welcome Dr. Yolanda Dandridge!

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Yolanda Dandridge, the founding principal of Capstone Education Group’s (CEG) fourth school! Dr. Dandridge is excited to begin her journey with Cornerstone Prep School (CPS), serving the Parkway Village and Sherwood neighborhoods and the surrounding communities. Dr. Dandridge recently served the Achievement School District as the Chief of School Accountability & Compliance and has also served in various roles including classroom teacher, Dean of Instruction, and Principal, where she led Georgian Hills Achievement Elementary school off the State’s priority list. Read her full bio here!

As a continuation of the CEG mission, we believe that every child in Memphis deserves access to a high-quality, college preparation neighborhood school. Dr. Dandridge is building a staff that is caring and dedicated, with an unwavering belief that all students matter and can learn at a high level.

What does CPS offer?

  • Two teachers in every classroom
  • Gifted Education 
  • Prioritized Family Partnerships
  • Character Development
  • Afterschool Programs

At Cornerstone Prep School we believe that college prep begins in kindergarten, and we are preparing for 75 new kindergarten students to fill our classrooms! CPS will begin with will be located at 5221 Cottonwood Road, on the campus of Memphis Christian Center, in the current Porter Leath Cottonwood building. 

At CPS there will be a key focus on literacy, done in partnership with Memphis Teacher Residency as a component of their Memphis Literacy Institute initiative. 

“I am motivated and excited that every facet of Cornerstone Prep is woven into its mission to equip all students with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and become leaders in their community,” Dr. Dandridge says. “This mission serves as the foundation for all educational practices at Cornerstone Prep and as a roadmap for addressing educational inequities persistent in literacy.” 

Parents can click here to apply now for their children to attend CPS.

For questions or to request a campus visit, please contact Principal Dr. Yolanda Dandridge via email ([email protected]) or Director of Public Relations and Student Recruitment Herbert Dickens at (901) 416-2355 or hdickens@cornerstoneprepmemphis.org. All students with a Shelby County zip code can apply!