Educator Spotlight | Ashley Wolfe

Ashley Wolfe started working at the Denver campus in the Fall term of 2015. Ashley’s motivation for teaching is driven by her passion in influencing future generations. “I want to help create the change in the world,” Ashley says.

Working as a kindergarten teacher at CPD, Ashley gains inspiration in seeing her students grow and progress throughout the year. “When I first get my students, they are a blank slate. By the end of the year, it’s amazing to see what they have accomplished and have learned.”

Ashley was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Memphis. She attended Ridgeway High School and Middle Tennessee State University. When she is not working, she enjoys checking out different festivals, visiting Big River crossing, and hanging out in the downtown area. She also enjoys traveling and visiting the ocean. 

We are proud to have you as a member of the team! Let’s all congratulate Ashley for her contribution and for being the spotlight of the week.