Ms. Joyce Named MTR Mentor of the Week!

We're proud that CPD 4th Grade Math Teacher Devon Joyce was recently named Memphis Teacher Residency's (MTR) Mentor of the Week! MTR Coach Calli Rollins says of Ms. Joyce that she is "the epitome of a master teacher," and we're grateful to have her on our team!

Here's more of what Calli Rollins had to say about Ms. Joyce:

"Mrs. Joyce is the epitome of a master teacher. She holds all of her students to high expectations both academically and behaviorally, and connects with them in a really authentic way. She is a rockstar mentor who is constantly trying new things to help her resident grow. I am always amazed how she can teach, mentor and do all of the other things at such high levels during a global pandemic. Mrs. Joyce is a star!" - Written by Calli Rollins, MTR Coach

Congratulations Ms. Joyce!

To learn more about MTR and our partnership, visit their website here