School Starts August 31

**Click here to read the July 29 update about CEG's all-virtual learning plans for the fall.**

We hope you are enjoying a safe summer and looking forward to the start of the school year on August 31 Your CEG staff has been working continuously since May to design an educational plan for your child that will both keep them safe and on track for college.

Learning Options

Based on that work, we have two options for your child: 

Option 1: Students attend school and learn on campus from CEG teachers. 

Option 2: Students stay home and learn on-line guided by CEG teachers 

Option 1 includes a campus learning plan that will incorporate social distancing, frequent disinfecting during the day, electrostatic disinfecting every night, individual supply bins, temperature checks, in class instruction and food service that limits interactions, as well as mask protocol to ensure a safe learning environment for your child. We have followed CDC and other health organization guidelines to ensure the safety of your child as we start school in the days ahead. 

We believe now, as we always have, that children learn best in the presence of a highly qualified, caring teacher who can meet the individualized need of each child. Therefore, we have created a safe, socially distanced school environment to welcome your child on August 31. 

Option 2 includes on-line learning with a school-provided device if needed. Chromebooks and hot spots will be provided to students and families who select on-line instruction and do not have a working laptop, Chromebook, or full-sized tablet like an iPad that the student can use daily during school hours or wo do not have active wifi in the home. We are glad to offer this option to parents. 

Parents who select on-line learning will be able to change their choice as the school year progresses. Between the 1st day of the month and the 15th day of each month, parents can let the school know of their desire to move from on-line to on campus, effective the first day of the following month. Parents selecting to learn on campus will be asked to keep their child on campus until January 1, 2021. 

Register now

Registration is now open! Please login to to register and select your learning option. Please make your selection as soon as possible or call your school office 901-416-3640 for the Lester Campus and 901-416-3936 for the Denver Campus to get more information on how to enroll. 

CEG is also offering early, optional personalized on-line learning for three weeks beginning August 10 and ending August 28. Chromebooks and hot spots will be provided to families looking for a head start on their child’s education. These students will receive Chromebooks and hot spots beginning August 3 and will receive 2-4 hours of individual learning each day provided by certified teachers. 

We are pleased to offer these 3 learning options for you for the 2020-21 school year and look forward to working with you in preparing your child for college and a life of leadership!