Educator Spotlight | Jennifer Marchy

Jennifer Marchy was born and raised among sunshine and softball in California but moved to Memphis five years ago for a new experience!

Jen has always had a heart for helping others and wanted to change the narrative for students experiencing disadvantages. The daily hugs and “Aha! Moments” fuel her joy as an educator. At one point, Jen was able to loop with her students from 6th grade to 10th grade and loves the lasting relationships that came out of that experience. 

“Seeing students graduate and start careers of their own has been amazing,” she remembers. 

While Jen has always wanted to be an educator, she would also love to learn a second language and be paid to review resorts around the world! 

Jen loves eating BBQ and hanging out with friends around town. If you see her in the hallway soon, she would love recommendations of places and events in Memphis that you think she would enjoy!