Educator Spotlight | Tisha Roth

Tisha Roth is from Denver, Colorado and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin. In 2016, Tisha came to Memphis to complete Memphis Teacher Residency.

Tisha decided to pursue education because she’s always enjoyed instilling the joy of learning in others. 


“School wasn’t always easy for me, I had multiple teachers who didn’t make me feel like they believed in me, so I felt motivated to create a safe space where my students feel they can be themselves and feel confident in their learning,” Tisha explained. 

One way that Tisha creates this safe environment in her classroom is through a read-aloud of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder is a beautiful way to celebrate uniqueness because the characters and scenarios throughout the book teach important lessons of being kind through tough, relatable situations. This allows the students of Notre Dame to discuss and make changes to become the kinds of people they want to be! 

When Tisha isn’t motivating her students to become kind and confident individuals, she loves experiencing new things around the city like coffee shops, restaurants, and entertainment events.

If she wasn’t an inspiring educator, Tisha would travel the world as a food critic or journalist. Next time you see Tisha in the CPD halls, ask her about the time she lived in Italy and Spain!