Educator Spotlight | Minerva Clark

Minerva has always had a passion for learning and instilling knowledge in young people. She believes that it is through education that people acquire knowledge and understanding that enable them to express themselves better and chart a path for their success. 

Minerva remembers a time she encountered a student that felt like he was failing no matter how much effort he made in his studies. He was contemplating pursuing other paths because his family was struggling to put him through school. Minerva worked with him to identify his strengths and overcome weaknesses. His self-esteem and study habits improved, which helped his grades. The thank you note Minerva received from him made her smile. 

If Minerva wasn’t a life-long educator, she would be a news reporter to tell the stories of triumph and despair that are never told. 

Outside of CPL pre-k, Minerva loves the art, diversity, and friendliness of Memphis.

“It is common to meet smiling people and interact with strangers at different events or while walking in the parks. There is art almost everywhere from the sculptures in the streets to the artists playing on band tours. The diversity is in the different races living here and the places that people can visit from museums such as the Memphis Rock n Soul Museum, National Civil Rights Museum, and the Burkle Estate,” Minerva said of Memphis. 

Here are a few quick facts about Minerva that you probably didn’t know: 

  • If she could learn to do anything it would be to skydive!
  • If she could meet anyone it would be Michelle Obama.
  • She likes to watch documentaries.