Staff Members Describe Life at CEG

Fall staff survey results are in for the 2019-2020 school year! The results reveal that Capstone Education Group is a great place to call home, especially in the area of peer culture. See what staff members are saying about the great community at CEG schools as part of the annual staff survey:

“I am blessed to work with some of the finest teachers in the country!” – Lester Prep staff member                                                                                                                                                       

“My team is one of my favorite things about working at CPL!” – Cornerstone Prep Lester teacher

“Our relationships are very important in helping us succeed and make the work more sustainable. We are friends and family here at CPD!” – Cornerstone Prep Denver staff member


“I believe that we’re all working toward the same mission. It is motivating to work with people that believe what I believe and will do what’s best for kids.” – Cornerstone Prep Lester teacher

“My colleagues are the best. We get up every morning and do the work that no one wants to do but everyone needs.” Lester Prep teacher

“I love my teaching team! Everyone works well together, and we help each other out to ensure that all students are succeeding.” – Cornerstone Prep Denver teacher


 “The teacher community is uniquely strong at Lester Prep!” – Lester Prep teacher

“Best. Team. Ever.” – Cornerstone Prep Denver staff member