Educator Spotlight | Casey Caldwell

It’s not surprising that Casey Caldwell found her calling in English Language Arts education. Casey loved reading growing up and studied English literature at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In college, she worked with students at a non-profit, which inspired her to return to Memphis in 2016 to complete Memphis Teacher Residency. 

Casey loves to see how much her students learn throughout their kindergarten year. Last year, one of Casey’s students left Cornell K reading chapter books and multiplying! She also enjoys seeing how they mature during their years at CPL. 

“It makes me so happy when my previous students come to visit, and I love when I get to teach their little brothers and sisters a few years later. It's a gift to be able to work with the same families year after year.”

Casey loves being back in Memphis for the food and her family. She insists that Memphis has the best breakfast spots and enjoys Las Delicias every Friday with her husband, Grant. Casey enjoys that her family lives in the area as well! 

When you get a chance to chat with Casey, ask her about the time she was an extra on One Tree Hill!