Educator Spotlight | Amanda Parker

We could all learn something from Amanda Parker who finds joy in all different pockets of her life. 

Amanda chose to work in education to combat the injustice within education. Growing up, Amanda loved school but noticed that it could be a place of failure and shame to others. It is evident that Amanda desires to provide a safe and authentic place for students to feel comfortable. As a Dean of Instruction, Amanda realizes that educators rarely get thanked for their hard work and finds the greatest joy when her teachers accomplish their goals and feel appreciated by their students. 

On the weekends, you can find Amanda exploring the hidden gems of Memphis or giving back with The Streetdog Foundation. Amanda enjoys doing fun and interesting things around town like going to art exhibits, free concerts, and the roller derby. She also finds joy from volunteering and fostering dogs through The Streetdog Foundation. Gardening also sparks joy in Amanda. However, she realizes that she would starve to death if she relied on her garden!  

 “I think it’s incredible to plant something so tiny as a seed and watch it grow into a vegetable that sustains human life.”

Next time you see Amanda in the halls at LP, ask her about her great grandmother who she wishes she could’ve met. Her great grandmother grew up during the depression with a 4th grade education. Despite this, she managed to raise 12 very successful children, move to a new state, establish a farm and acquire acres of land, and made legendary tea cakes that people still rave about today!