Educator Spotlight | Lauren Tochner

If you’ve met Lauren Tochner, you know her love for her family and her students runs deep. In her classroom, there is no such thing as a small victory. Every accomplishment is huge, and Lauren loves to celebrate with her students. If you walk by UConn, you may see Lauren and her students celebrating victories with music and dancing! 

Outside of 320 Carpenter Street, Lauren’s world revolves around her family and their involvement in the Jewish community. Lauren decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps who was “the greatest Pre-K teacher ever” at the Memphis Jewish Community Center. Most of Lauren’s evenings are filled with her 10-year-old daughter’s activities. Lauren and her daughter are obsessed with Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama. Lauren’s greatest wish is to meet these two women.

“Ellen just makes me smile in everything she does, whether it be her humanitarian work or how ridiculously funny she is; and, well, Michelle Obama seems so genuine and radiates greatness. I wouldn’t complain if I got to meet Barack too!” 

While Lauren has a huge heart for people, she also loves live music, Target, and chicken tenders! However, there are a few things that she doesn’t like! Lauren noted that she hates vegetables, group texts, “reply to all” in emails, and Evites.