Liz Jarvis | Educator Spotlight

Question: What CEG teacher has visited 4 continents, 18 countries, and 31 states and intends to experience all continents and states eventually?

Answer: Liz Jarvis, CEG English as a Second Language Lead.

Born in Ocean Springs, MS, Liz has been teaching at CPL for several years and has been able to watch many of the ESL students grow in Wisdom and Knowledge.

“I have so many opportunities to see my students grow,” says Liz. “One such student is a current fourth grader whom I have taught since she was a kindergartener. This student began her kindergarten year over half a year behind, spoke limited English, and was considered for retention. Currently, she is at or above grade level in every subject, speaks excellent English, and is consistently regarded by her teachers and classmates to have great character. Her resilience, hard work, and incredible growth is a constant reminder of why I do this work.”

Liz enjoys walking her dog through the Cooper Young neighborhood, visiting the Memphis Zoo and watching her favorite movies - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.