Dorian Lloyd | Educator Spotlight

Dorian Lloyd, Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus Kindergarten Teacher, loves the start of her school day.

“The part of my job that brings me the most joy is greeting my scholars at the classroom door in the morning,” says Dorian.  “You never know what our children go through at home or on their way to school but to be able to provide students with a warm welcome with a smile, hug, or handshake can change that student’s perspective when entering the learning environment and allow my students to feel loved and safe.  Seeing my students start their day off happy and engaged encourages me as an educator to continue working hard.”

Dorian continues to teach even when she leaves the Denver Campus. “I am an educator every day of the week.  I am a parent Girl Scout troop volunteer and a Lead Sunday School Teacher for pre-k and kindergarten class.”

Dorian enjoys Memphis restaurants, the music of Tamela Mann, and a great kindergarten cheer in her classroom before taking the MAP test: “T-E-X-A-S we’re the best, Cornerstone Denver, we will all ace the test!”