Devon Joyce | Educator Spotlight

Born In Detroit, MI, Devon Joyce enjoys the warm weather and opportunity to lounge in her backyard by the pool. But she stays connected to her University of Michigan education in a special way.

Devon shares an inspiring story about one of her former students. “A former student found me on Facebook,” Devon shares, “and told me I was the best teacher of all time and told me that because of me, he is attending the University of Michigan.”

Stories like that, as well as Devon’s own college experience, inspire Devon to continue in the work of urban education.

“I was educated in urban schools k-12 so teaching here feels like home to me,” explains Devon. “Upon entering college, I experienced culture shock. In many classes, I was the only person of color. There were many conversations in which I could not participate because I did not have the background knowledge or experience of my more affluent peers. I realized that teaching in urban education would give me an opportunity to … expose scholars to different experiences and knowledge outside of the classroom that gives them the exposure I didn't have.”

Devon has a varied love for music, having played the flute for 13 years but also one who listens to the music of Michael Jackson, Prince and other artists who make her want to dance.