CPD Has Record Mid-Year Results!

Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus (CPD) scholars, parents and staff combined to achieve record results at the mid-point of the 2018-19 school year. All CEG schools participate in the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment as a measure of student growth at the middle of the school year and at the end of the school year. CPD mid-year results were truly amazing.

Consider some of the record achievement attained in just 5 months of instruction:

  • 93% of kindergarten students achieved their NWEA goal in math
  • The fourth-grade averaged 1.1 years of growth in reading
  • The entire upper school (grades 3-5) has already grown an entire year in science on average
  • The second grade has grown more than 1.1 years in math on average
  • Third grade has grown .9 months in language on average
  • Fifth graders have averaged .9 years of growth across all subjects
  • First grade has already grown 1.0 years in math

Please join us in celebrating what CPD has accomplished together so far this year!