Starr Garrett | Educator Spotlight

We often say that teachers must feel called to be effective urban educators. Starr Garrett, First Grade teacher at Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus, shares her calling.

“I grew up in the inner city," Starr begins, “so, I know the importance of having quality teachers in urban communities. Before college, I grew up wanting to be a meteorologist. I have always loved storm chasing and severe weather, so I was fully content on pursuing that profession.”

Starr continues, “However, along the way I became a believer in Jesus Christ. Then, my desires swiftly changed. Although it was not the desire or plan that I had chosen for my life, I believed God called me to this work. From there on I knew that the urban community was where I needed to be.”

Since choosing to follow God’s will for her life, Starr has seen amazing things in her classroom. “I remember a boy came to our classroom without knowing letters or sounds and he struggled with identifying and writing numbers. We spent our year really building him up and teaching him foundational skills. This year we celebrate every day at some point whether it’s in math or in reading because he is reading grade level sentences and doing grade level math strategies! I am soooooo proud of him. So, daily I celebrate him. It is essential because I want him to always know and believe that he CAN do hard things!”