Cornerstone Prep Expanding

The Achievement School District (ASD) has just approved Cornerstone Prep to transform the Lester Middle School beginning next year. Cornerstone Prep will be leading pre-Kindergarten through sixth grade for 2013-2014 and then will be responsible for the entire school, pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade the following year.

This allows Cornerstone Prep to serve every child in the Lester Elementary School district in 2014 and then every sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade child in the entire Binghampton community the following year.

Cornerstone Prep has been working in the Lester School building as an ASD-approved school since August, teaching students from pre-Kindergarten through third grade. Since beginning this work in the Lester School building in August, Cornerstone Prep has seen exciting growth in student achievement. Here are a few reading level highlights from the first four months:

  • One first grade class has already grown an average of 1.6 grade levels
  • One third grade class has increased by an entire grade level
  • One second grade class has increased their reading level by 1.1 years
Cornerstone Prep has also received a great deal of positive feedback from parents and students during the short time on the Lester Campus:
  • A parent shared this recently, “I love it (Cornerstone Prep). I can see how much my child is learning. My kids come home and teach me stuff. I love the teachers so much.”
  • One proud mom says: “Every time Jonathon comes home now, he wants to read to me! He will grab a book, and read to me. If he doesn’t know a word, he will say ‘don’t tell me. I know it! I can sound it out. And he does.”
  • Current Cornerstone Prep students recently took an anonymous survey and 100 percent of MIT 3 students remarked “I am happy to be at Cornerstone Prep!”

Cornerstone Prep looks forward to similar results in grades six through eight in the years to come.