Memphis Police Veteran Encourages Third Grade Boys

Cornerstone Prep was honored to have Ron Willis, a 17-year veteran of the Memphis Police Department and local Binghamton business owner, speak to our third-grade boys as part of the school’s weekly character development class.  Mr. Willis emphasized the importance of having goals and dreams. 

After asking each boy what he wanted to be when he grew up, he then asked them this question: "Okay, now if you want to be in the medical field one day Matario, do you think you will need to have good grades when you're 16? Yes, so what does that mean for you now? That's right, you have to be on your grind in the classroom now and remember to do your homework every night!"     

He then talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right kind of friends and having role models. Mr. Willis talked with each boy about their current role models. It was a powerful time. The boys were engaged and excited about what Mr. Willis shared. Afterward he commented on what a great group of young men we had here and that he was "excited to see the impact they'd have on their community one day." We are grateful to Mr. Willis for his willingness to share with our future leaders of Binghampton.