News Release: Cornerstone Prep Students Excel on National Test

Cornerstone Prep students performed among the nation’s elite schools in a recent math assessment. Cornerstone Prep students outpaced the growth of 69 percent of the students in the national norm in Kindergarten and first grade and 98 percent of all students in grades two and three on the national test.

Cornerstone Prep, a new Achievement School District (ASD) elementary school serving the Binghampton community, opened this fall with 325 students in grades pre-Kindergarten to third grade. Cornerstone Prep’s approach to education, based on successful urban schools around the country, includes an intense focus on the core subjects of math and reading and a fast-paced, challenging learning environment. Principal Lisa Settle said, “We are so proud of our parents and our Prepsters. Our parents have supported the school by working with children at home and at school and the Prepsters have worked so hard in the classroom every day. These test results prove what is possible when everyone works together to provide children the education they deserve.”

According to ASD officials, the national norming study includes students drawn from a test pool of 5.1 million students from over 13,000 schools in more than 2,700 school districts in 50 states. The academic growth of Cornerstone Prep far exceeds the national norm for students who began the year at a similar academic level.

Parents are thrilled with the progress of their children. One Binghampton resident and parent wrote, “I would like to thank the teachers of Wake Forest 1 (a first grade classroom). My child has progressed beyond my imagination! He has something new to share with us every day. Cornerstone Prep has (in my eyes) opened a new door for the children of Binghampton.”

Cornerstone Prep teachers have worked long and hard to provide an outstanding learning environment for their students. Many of the Cornerstone Prep teachers have been trained as part of the Memphis Teacher Residency program (MTR). According to the Tennessee Higher Education Report Card, MTR was shown to be one of the most effective teacher preparation programs in the state of Tennessee (out of 44 total programs) for the 2011-2012 academic year. MTR Director of Education Robin Scott says, “This outstanding growth in every grade proves that all students can learn at very high levels.

I'm very proud of the administration and all faculty for their incredibly hard work on behalf of students." Cornerstone Prep will be adding grades four and five next year as the school expands to serve more of the families in the Binghampton community.