Literacy Night: Let's Play With Books

Cornell K teachers hosted a Literacy Night with the theme, Let’s Play with Books, for the prepsters and family members of Cornell K. Parents, siblings, and prepsters all gathered in the library and began the night by playing several games. While the prepsters and siblings learned Spanish words with the surprise guest, Dora the Explorer, parents discussed ways to build literacy in their homes. They shared their successes and struggles with helping their children learn to read. It was a great time of sharing among the parents and teachers. 


Then, everyone gathered in Cornell K for five literacy centers, which parents and prepsters learned how to have fun with reading. During the fun filled night, every prepster went home with at least three books and several prizes, and every parent left with several door prizes and fun ways to help teacher their children to read. Afterwards, everyone gathered in the cafeteria to enjoy a delicious spaghetti dinner provided by several members of Evangel Church. The night was great success! One prepster said, “This was such a fun night! Who knew reading could be so fun!”