Lester Lions on ESPN

Lester Lions excel in all facets of athletics and have an innate will to win. The football team has played its way into a state championship. The reigning state championship basketball team for the last two years is preparing for its national television special debut.

For the past two years ESPN has been following our boys’ basketball team and coaching staff to highlight the amazing things that our program is accomplishing. Coach Desmond Merriweather and NBA superstar Penny Hardaway have coached our boys into three city and two state championship victories.

This segment on ESPN highlights all of the work they do on and off the court to help our boys become champions in the game of basketball and, more importantly, life. We are a proud and committed staff to the Binghampton community.

Here’s the segment:

E60 PENNY SAVED (PENNY HARDAWAY) from Bluefoot Entertainment on Vimeo.