Cornerstone Prep Approved for Expansion


Because of the great success of Cornerstone Prep flag ship school, the Achievement School District (ASD) approved our application to expand onto a second elementary school campus for the 2015-2016 school year. We are honored that we will have the opportunity to serve more students in our great city!

The ASD will be working with Cornerstone Prep, Shelby County School leaders, and Achievement Advisory Council (AAC) to propose a school and community that would be a great fit for us and the parents and students of a great neighborhood. The ASD school matching process is a time during which Priority List schools are matched with high performing charter operators and occurs over the next 3 months. The AAC will engage, inform, and empower families, students, and school communities across Memphis to amplify the community’s voice in the school matching process and will then work with the ASD and SCS to propose a great school match. This process concludes by December 15 when school matches are announced.  

Watch the website for more updates in the weeks ahead.