A Bittersweet Goodbye: Celebrating Principal Settle

As we close the chapter for this school year, we celebrate many things: relationships stronger, reading levels higher, and students eager for a summer of fun, at MTRCamp or endless hours playing outside. We also celebrate the years we’ve been led by Principal Lisa Settle, Cornerstone Prep’s founding principal, courageously and lovingly leading our students and teachers for the past 5 years.  

Lisa joined Cornerstone Prep’s staff in 2009 as the founding principal, leading the school through its inaugural years and its subsequent transition into the Achievement School District (ASD). Since joining the ASD, Cornerstone Prep has become one of the leading turnaround schools in Memphis.  

“My greatest joys have been the relationships I have made with children and families as well as leading such a great group of teachers,” Lisa says. “I love to see children’s growth and their academic success; it makes my day when I see them grow in their academic confidence. They believe in themselves and know they can learn.”  

Lisa has loved getting to know the parents and families in the Binghampton community, as they have loved her, as well. “Lisa has done an amazing job connecting with families,” Drew Sippel, Executive Director of Capstone Education Group, says. “She is able to listen to their desires and concerns and then find ways to partner with parents in addressing student needs and preparing these young people to be future leaders.”  

“I am extremely grateful with how I have extended my family to include the great people in Binghampton,” Lisa says.  

Lisa loves to help teachers to grow and find their way, becoming stronger every day and every semester. She says, “What can I say about my staff? They are spectacular. This is very, very hard work; you give every aspect of yourself to it.”  

We also celebrate with Lisa as she continues this important and hard work in education as she has been named the Head of Schools for the Achievement School District’s 5 direct-run schools in Frayser. She will lead the five principals who lead those schools, drawing from her rich experiences to help them strongly lead their schools.  

“I am so thankful that Lisa left higher education 6 years ago to be the founding principal of Cornerstone Prep. She learned so much during our planning year and was able to apply that new knowledge in launching an incredibly successful urban elementary school. We will be forever grateful for the work she did in building Cornerstone Prep,” Drew says.  

Lisa leaves these parting words of encouragement: “To my staff: I am so proud of you all and I am honored to have worked with each of you. Keep working hard; our children need it. To my students: Always remember what you have learned! You guys are bright, wonderful, smart children. You all have a bright future ahead of you. Stop, think and make good decisions. Go out and show the world how smart you are! Love learning and your journey along the way. To my parents: Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for supporting me and challenging me and for trusting me with your child’s education. Keep supporting children. Don’t be afraid to let them wrestle with their work. It will make them stronger. Love them, hug them, kiss them, tell them you love them and you are proud of them. They need to know that!”