Fifth Grade Leadership Team Receives Special Visitors

On Friday, November 4, the University of Memphis' Student Government Association (SGA) President, Jared Moses and Vice President, Natalie Moore, paid a visit to our 5th Grade Leadership Team (Class Presidents, Class Vice Presidents and Class Representatives) to inspire them to continue being leaders in wisdom and knowledge. In preparation for the SGA's visit, our Prepsters learned about the purpose of student government, what they do, and how they get elected.

Our prepsters prepared several questions to ask Mr. Moses and Ms. Moore, including, "How did you know when you were a leader?" and "How do you handle the pressure of leading your whole school?" They also asked practical questions that most of us want to know: "Are you ever nervous speaking in front of others?" 

Mr. Moses and Ms. Moore extended an invitation for our students to take a day trip to UM for a tour and lunch, a trip we will be planning soon.

Thank you to the SGA and to Mr. Moses and Ms. Moore for their willingness to spend time with our students and enrich their learning. It was a wonderful event and our students left encouraged and inspired!