Working to Improve the Community

Capstone Education Group cares deeply about students and the community in which they live. As we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves, we explore opportunities to partner with organizations to improve neighborhood conditions, including safety, housing, job training, access to healthy foods and other critical community needs.

CEG worked with Memphis officials to make some community improvements around the Lester Campus. We celebrate the following changes that make our community safer for students and families:

  • New streetlights installed between our Lester school campus and Red Oak apartments where many of our families reside
  • Installation of speed humps on Carpenter Street, a street on which most of the families walk each day
  • Proper functioning school zone signage on Tillman, a major north-south road in the heart of Binghampton
  • Addition of school zone signage at Mimosa and Carpenter, a cross-section where many children walk on the way to school
  • Addition of a crossing guard at Mimosa and Carpenter

CEG thanks Memphis city officials and organizations for these and other additions that make Binghampton a safer place to live, work and attend school.