Alli Cao | Educator Spotlight

I’m sure you know lots of people who grew up in Shelby County. At the same time, I bet you don’t know anyone from Shelby County. Shelby County, KY, that is.

Alli Cao, second grade teacher at Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus, grew up in Shelby County, Kentucky, attending Shelby County High School where she first began to be drawn to urban education through her work in local community centers.

“I love the relational aspect of working with kids,” says Alli. The love was first kindled through her work in community centers, as well as her background in Speech Language Pathology and now is blossoming in urban education. “When I read MTR’s (Memphis Teacher Residency) mission of loving our neighbors as ourselves, I knew urban education was for me.”

Alli enjoys going to Overton Park with her Golden retriever, watching La La Land with some friends, and eating some great Memphis food. Next time you see her, ask her about the time a student said “Mrs. Cao was so brave when she had an organ cut out of her body".