Sharon Whaley | Educator Spotlight

2 truths a lie – let’s play the game. I was born in a place called Teaneck. I want to be a wedding planner someday. I had dinner with Sean Connery in the Eiffel Tower while in Paris. If you said, “all true!” you would be correct. Sharon Whaley, Assistant Director of Special Education, shares all of those experiences as part of her life story.

Sharon thrives in her role for CEG. “I love being an advocate for our special needs population as well as teacher training sessions,” says Sharon. Sharon also enjoys the team approach CEG employs in the goal of equipping all students with everything they need to succeed in college. “Everyone works hard to meet the intended goal,” she says, “There are clear expectations and accountability for all.”

Sharon enjoys Memphis experiences such as the Zoo, the Orpheum and a good concert at the Fed Ex Forum as well as listening to the best songs of Third Day and Natalie Grant.