CPD Scholars Read 1 Million Words!

We're proud to celebrate the accomplishments of three CPD scholars - Destiny Williams, Zy’onna Williams, and Paris Douglas - who have each read 1 million words during the 2022-2023 school year! 

Destiny Williams closing in on 2 million words, and there are several scholars nearing 500,000 words. If that weren't enough to celebrate, we have two second-grade scholars with over 250,000 words read! Celebrating with us is Memphis rapper NLE Choppa, who visited us AGAIN on Monday, March 27 to celebrate and encourage us to continue participating in his reading challenge! This LOVE of reading is something to shout about.

Watch the video below!

Shoutout to Accelerated Reader Teacher, Celita Brown, and all our classroom teachers and support staff for their dedication and for sharing the love of reading with CPD scholars. Congratulations again to Destiny, Zy'onna, and Paris and to all Scholars who are growing and reaching towards their reading goals every day!

(L to R: Zy'onna Williams, Paris Douglas, and Destiny Williams)

(L to R: Destiny Williams, Paris Douglas, and Zy'onna Williams)