Celebrate Success at CPD

Inside the school walls, there are many minutes, hours and days of growth. Problems get solved, skills are mastered and the mission is accomplished! We’ve seen so much growth over the past 2 years at Cornerstone Prep, and we want to celebrate!

Reading Growth at CPD

When the Accelerated Reader program was added at CPD, reading for pleasure grew. CPD scholars proved that a love for reading is fundamental to learning and that by reading, you become a better reader. Over the course of one school year, fourth grade scholars Demeria Pointer, Raniya Rogers, Collia Marshall, Bobby Evans, and Grant Holt passed a total of 188 AR tests, that required reading a total of 2,578,389 words. The average MAP growth in reading for these five scholars was 3.8 years.  However, third graders Brian Hines and Gabriel Holt were also a force to be reckoned with.  Brian and Gabrielle passed 118 AR tests which totaled 766,218 words. They averaged 4.9 years growth on the MAP reading assessment!

Resiliency and Courage 

CPD 5th grader, Taniyah Holloway exemplified our values of being resilient and courageous throughout the school year as Taniyah and her family learned that her father was terminally ill.  Most days, Taniyah was in her classroom and was engaged at a level that was amazing to all that knew her story.  In March, Taniyah’s father was hospitalized and came home in early April to be with his family during his final days.  On the morning of his passing, Taniyah and her family arrived at school to inform the school.  Taniyah then stated that she’d be staying at school to learn and this would give her mom time to take care of some business. From that day until the end of the school year, Taniyah’s daily attendance was exceptional and she only missed one Saturday School session and that was to attend her father’s funeral. Through it all, Taniyah remained purposeful and optimistic averaging 2.5 years MAP growth in reading, math, language and science. 

Math Growth at CPD

At the beginning Joseph’s 4th grade year, it was difficult for him to feel confident in his math skills because he hadn’t felt success in his previous elementary years. This lead him to feel unhappy about his education and experience difficulties in the classroom. Due to lots of hard work and practice, Joseph began to take risks in math class and push himself to understand the standards being taught everyday. In addition, Joseph stayed in class more and participated often.

The more he would engage with the lessons, he began to want to help his peers with math problems and act as a leader. The growth seen from Joseph was truly amazing, both personally and academically. At the end of the year, Joseph earned an award for the most MAP growth on math in the whole fourth grade. This accomplishment meant that he went from a score of a 160 to a 209 in just one year. By having Joseph grow over 40 points in math meant he started in August as a below grade level student and left in May as an on-grade level student! 

Joseph’s success is a contribution to the hard work and dedication of his family, teachers, school, and most importantly – Joseph himself. Joseph deeply cared that he understood the math content and felt proud when he was invited to attend Saturday school for math and earn awards for his progress. 

“I am proud, as his fourth grade math teacher, to see him continue to push himself academically and be successful in life,” says Sabrina Duran, his 4th grade teacher.