Educator Spotlight | Deneia Maxie


Many educators spend their evenings grading papers and catching up on their favorite T.V. shows, but not Deneia Maxie! Deneia doesn’t remember the last time she watched T.V. Deneia might not catch the latest games on T.V., but she enjoys attending sporting events with her husband and sons around town. Deneia values her family above all else and even followed in her mother’s footsteps as an educator. 

“My mother is a retired educator and I never thought in a million years that I would be working in education and loving it,” Deneia said. 

Ultimately, she decided to work in education to impact and inspire the lives of children in Memphis. Deneia is inspired by the resiliency that she sees in students every day. She is motivated to be a better educator because of the intense hunger students have for knowledge and a great education. 

Just a few months ago, a previous student of Deneia’s reached out to her and said, “Thanks for believing in me and pushing me to my full potential. You were extremely hard on us, but you are hands-down the best teacher that I’ve ever had.”