Educator Spotlight | Bernita Mitchell

Did you know that Bernita Mitchell only missed one day of elementary school as a child? Bernita serves in education with hopes to instill the same passion she has for education into her students. At the University of Memphis, Bernita studied business administration and finance. After working as a banker, Bernita decided to change careers and become an educator. It’s evident that Bernita loves learning, and she believes she’s growing every day alongside her scholars. Bernita finds great joy in educating her students in all things that pertain to numbers, but she also leaves a lasting impression.

“I almost have to run away from my former students when I see them in the hallways!” Bernita laughed. 

Bernita keeps up with her students long after they sit in her math class. She is still in contact with one of her former students, who is now in the 11th grade, and is always there to encourage him! 

Around town, you’ll find her at the movies with her husband, eating at Chow Time or Zaxby's, and browsing Goodwill for little knick-knacks. Bernita also LOVES coffee. She’s spent the last 30 years, drinking at least two or three cups a day. If you’re ever thinking of Bernita on the way to school, stop and pick her up a cup of joe!