Bernita Mitchell | Educator Spotlight

Bernita Mitchell - Staff Spotlight

“I chose to teach and work in urban education because I wanted to teach where I was needed and where I could make a difference,” says Bernita Mitchell, a 3rd-grade teacher at Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus. “I feel very passionate about teaching and know that I can reach, teach, and make an impact on many of my students. I pray that my influence continues beyond me.”

Bernita is doing just that, impacting students in so many ways, including teaching them at such an elevated level that her third graders grew by an entire grade level in math in the first four months of the year. Bernita’s drive comes from her education in St. Louis at Lindenwood University as well as helping students want “it.” “The 'it' is to learn and understand new concepts, ideas, and activities,” Bernita shares between sips on her favorite cup of coffee.

Bernita shows her Southern culture when singing her favorite Gospel song in the car on her way to Beale Street for a Friday night date with her loving husband. Tell Bernita “great job” next time you see her.