Bridgette Simmons | Educator Spotlight

Bridgette Simmons - Staff Spotlight

Meet Bridgette Simmons, the Assistant Principal at our Denver Campus. Bridgette and the Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus staff earned the highest growth in the network on the most recent NWEA MAP assessment, improving scores in every grade and every subject!

Bridgette, a native Memphian educated at Central, lovingly called “The High School," Christian Brothers University and Union University, where she earned her M.Ed, joined the CEG team last year. When not enjoying her favorite movie Lean on Me or relaxing to a good Boney James Jazz tune, Bridgette can be found investing her energy in creating an excellent culture in the halls and classrooms of CPD.

“I choose to work in urban education because I want to positively impact generations of families and give them valuable life lessons and the tools to achieve a higher education,” Bridgette says emphatically. “Teaching scholars how to communicate respectfully and effectively brings me so much joy.”

Join CEG in celebrating a great leader in our school and city, Bridgette “I love the beach” Simmons.