CEG Schools Earn TVAAS 5 Scores in 7 Categories!

CEG schools recently received their Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) scores from the state of Tennessee. TVAAS measures student growth year over year, regardless of whether the student is proficient on the state assessment. Level 5 scores reveal significant evidence that their students exceeded the state growth standard and are considered “most effective.” Level 4 scores reflect schools that were “above average.”

CEG schools celebrated outstanding growth on TN Ready across the network, with all schools earning higher scores this year compared to the prior year.

  • Cornerstone Prep Denver Campus earned the highest scores possible in every subject, a TVAAS 5 in numeracy, literacy and science – amazing results across the entire school.
  • Lester Prep, CEG’s middle school, also earned the highest score possible in science and an overall composite score of 4, reflecting above average growth on the state assessment.
  • All CEG schools earned the highest score possible in literacy – all schools earned a TVAAS 5 in this crucial subject.
  • Overall, CEG schools received the highest scores the state offers in 7 categories!

Please join us in celebrating our scholars, teachers and staff for this outstanding achievement.