SOS Builds Tables + Character

Cornerstone Prep Denver received a special delivery today: a gift of handmade picnic tables for their students and staff to enjoy! The tables were delivered by the builders themselves, students who participate in SOS Builds and most of whom graduated from Cornerstone Prep Lester or Lester Prep in the Binghampton community.

The builders acquired their skills through SOS Builds, an after school program for middle and high school students in Binghampton that provides after school education, leadership, and character enrichment for youth through hands-on construction training. 

Many CPL and LP students have spent their Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with SOS Builds, learning how to safely operate power tools, building one of many special projects (click here to see these projects through the years, including a clubhouse and putt-putt golf holes). When they aren’t building, they may be across the street from the SOS program space, at IBERIA Bank setting up bank accounts with which to participate in SOS Builds’ matched IDA savings programs. 

During the Fall of 2021, SOS Builds was a featured guest at the Carpenter Art Garden and led Lester Middle School students in making picture frames on Wednesday afternoons. 

We are grateful for this vibrant partnership! SOS Builds participants learn about SOS from their older siblings, families, neighbors, sometimes from the Carpenter Art Garden staff or BDC Student Outreach team or a LP teacher. We're always excited to learn that a Lester Prep student is interested in getting their hands on some tools with SOS Builds!