Educator Spotlight | Carolina Holbrook

A few weeks ago, Carolina’s homeroom was found having a mini-dance party and watching the music video for “A Thousand Miles” during dismissal-– students celebrated the end of another successful day of learning with the song they were begging to hear. Carolina’s joy for education and music is evident in her classroom.

Carolina knows the power of words and believes teaching scholars to communicate empathetically and effectively can prepare them for anything ahead of them! She loves seeing their resilience and creativity shine through in their writing. Last quarter, Carolina’s students could be found writing about how Martin Luther King Jr. empowers them to follow their dreams. 

In her free-time, Carolina loves to enjoy Memphis restaurants, curl up with a good book from Novel or Burke’s Bookstore, and enjoy live music at Levitt Shell or Minglewood Hall. Carolina’s passion doesn’t stop with education, reading, and writing; she also loves music. If she wasn’t a teacher, Carolina would love to combine her skills in writing and passion for music to be an editor of a music magazine. Carolina also wishes she could learn to be a DJ!

Speaking of music, next time you see Carolina around the halls of Lester Prep, ask her why she always carries a kazoo in her purse!