Lester Campus Moves Past 140 Schools!

Six years ago, Capstone Education Group (CEG) moved into the Lester Campus as part of the Achievement School District. Beginning with 325 scholars in grades prek-3, Cornerstone Prep Lester Campus began to cast a vision for the future. CEG launched the mission through 35 staff members committed to serving the families of Binghampton: Equipping every student with the Wisdom and Knowledge necessary to succeed in college and become leaders in the community.

Two years later, the middle school was launched on the same campus. Lester Prep began with 6th grade and subsequently added grades 7 and 8. At that point, the mission lived in 70 staff members and more than 700 scholars.

So how are things going now, six years later? Cornerstone Prep and Lester Prep have combined to increase achievement so much that the Lester Campus passed 140 other schools in the state of Tennessee. Yes, that is correct. Based on Tn Ready results last year, the scholars on the Lester Campus have advanced past 140 other public schools since opening in 2012!

We are so proud of our staff, families and scholars would who have worked so hard to accomplish so much!