Kaitlyn Vazquez | Educator Spotlight

Four brothers. Wants to be a food blogger. Sucker for romantic comedies. Found Memphis from Columbus, Ohio. Who can it be now? (famous 80’s tune title from Men At Work!)

Kaitlyn Vazquez, Lester Prep teacher, that’s who. Kaitlyn teaches with urgency every day, one reason Lester Prep scholars grew 2.3 years in Language last year. “My students bring me the most joy,” says Kaitlyn, “they are the reason why I love my job and why I show up every day.

Kaitlyn also appreciates being on the CEG team. “My co-workers are part of what makes working for CEG so enjoyable.  I can honestly say I respect, admire, and genuinely like every single adult that I work with.  I have found connections on a spiritual level, a sorority sister, and the people who lift me up on my rough days!

When you see Kaitlyn at a local restaurant tasting a new dish, tell her thanks for coming to Memphis and investing her life into urban education.