Jon Stroshine | Educator Spotlight

Meet Jon Stroshine, a 7th grade math teacher at Lester Prep. Jon and his community of math teachers drove the Lester Prep students to their highest ever midyear NWEA MAP growth, as indicated by an amazing nine months of growth in the first five months of school.

Born a Hoosier from West Lafayette, IN, Jon thrives as a member of the Capstone Education Group team. “I enjoy the adult culture at CEG; it’s a place where we genuinely like one another and want to help each other,” says Jon.

Jon’s motivation for the work runs deep. “I chose to work in urban ed because I think that it is an injustice that students of color often don’t have access to quality education,” he says, “and the gospel of Jesus Christ compels me to right injustice.”

Jon loves his students and seeing them succeed. “I love seeing my students’ personalities come out while doing group work, or during tutoring. Lester Prep students are special, unique, and gifted.”

If you see Jon eating barbeque at his favorite rib joint, cheering on the Grizzlies or walking along the banks of the mighty Mississippi, tell him thanks for his commitment to the children of our city.