Lester Prep Wins $125k Facilities Grant

Lester Prep was recently awarded $125,000 as part of the "Tennessee High-Quality Charter Schools Act. Lester Prep was eligible to apply for this funding based on the 2016-17 results of TN Ready, where Lester Prep students scored the highest possible rating last year, earning a TVAAS 5 in every subject. The state recognized this outstanding academic achievement and awarded $125,000 to Lester Prep to improve the school campus.

Lester Prep principal Koai Mathews celebrated the award, saying "It is awesome to see the development and re-development that is happening here in Binghampton. Just like the neighborhood, Lester Campus now has the opportunity be made more beautiful. I am ecstatic about the fact Lester Prep is a TVAAS 5 school and won this grant and that the state is taking notice of all the hard work from our Scholars. This is what our children deserve."

Lester Prep students, staff and parents will begin to see upgrades to classrooms, halls, bathrooms and other areas of the campus, creating a first-class learning environment for its 6th through 8th grade scholars. Look for updates and pictures in the weeks ahead.

"Tennessee awards grants to help 27 charter schools secure or improve buildings" - Chalkbeat