Enrollment Information

Check back in Spring 2019 for next year's enrollment info!

Have a question you need to ask now? Contact us at (901) 416-3640.

College Prep Education Offered to Families in Memphis

Cornerstone Prep Lester is excited to provide a quality college prep education to the families in Memphis as part of the Achievement School District (ASD). The ASD prioritizes enrolling students based on their current school zoning and application timing.

First for Students Zoned to Attend Lester Elementary/Middle

Lester Prep is located in the Binghampton neighborhood in Memphis. Students who are zoned to attend Lester Elementary/Middle have first priority at Cornerstone Prep Lester. Get your enrollment form here!

Other Students Outside the Lester School Zone May Enroll

After all zoned students are accepted, Cornerstone Prep Lester may then enroll students from other zones in the city. New enrollment laws in the state of Tennessee allows for students from all areas of the city to enroll at Cornerstone Prep Lester, as long as space is available. Please contact us soon while space is still available.    

Please call Patricia Burns at (901) 416-3640 email her at pburns@cornerstoneprepmemphis.org to inquire about your eligibility to enroll at Cornerstone Prep Lester.

Ordering Uniforms

Uniforms can be ordered directly from the school. Contact us at (901) 416-3640 for more information.