The Science of Reading Around the World

Jamaica is a beautiful island nation in the Caribbean known for its sunny beaches, reggae music, and delicious food. However, beyond the tourist attractions lies a population that faces significant economic, social, and educational challenges. As such, many individuals and organizations embark on mission trips to Jamaica to help those in need and make a positive impact. The National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) in Nashville, TN, is one of those organizations. Eve Slaughter, principal at Cornerstone Prep Lester, is connected to this organization by her late Godparents, Rev. Dr. Alfred Dewayne Hill, and Mrs. Doris Thomas Hill.

The school building is the dream of former principal Esther Boreland who desired to give her students a space worthy of 21st-century learning opportunities. The school building, named in honor of Mrs. Slaughter's relatives, comes equipped with a Literacy Enrichment Room, Library, All Boys' Room, and Wifi, and is now the epicenter for education for students and parents.

Slaughter connected with Keith's Principal, Henry, in Literacy Room. A simple whisper and nod, "Science of Reading," cemented a bond. Principal Henry, much like Slaughter, attributes the success of her students to a systemic and explicit approach to reading. Students receive structured literacy instruction: highly explicit and systematic teaching of all literacy components. Principal Henry ensures that students excel in reading, writing, and communicating. The Keith Primary and Infant School Speech team delivered a dynamic oral presentation of the school's history at the dedication ceremony. A powerful speech, delivered by Grades 2-5 students, received a standing ovation from the crowd of supporters.

"My mission trip to Jamaica was a life-changing experience," Eve Slaughter says. "I traveled with fellow educators to dedicate a new school building for Keith Primary and Infant School, an all-ages school in Keith, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica. I am inspired to continue pressing toward the goal with PREPROCKS in mind. I am excited and rejuvenated to ensure that all CEG students receive a literacy foundation that will lead them to receive standing ovations in the colleges and communities."